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School’s out for summer…

Saturday, May 20th, 2006

I’m DONE!!!!!!!!

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Finally done with my class and final project. It’s respectable….sort of.

The grade is incidental, but the stress from my compulsive workaholicness has really made me appreciate my free time and made me really cherish the side projects I choose for myself.

Anyhow, check it out, and let me know what you think.

End of the Night


Thursday, May 18th, 2006

Man, I’m starting to freak out.

Looking at my storyboard, it’s like the closer I get to it, the bigger it looks. It’s like walking up to a large wall.

Realized I still need to model and texture some last minute things, which makes me nauseous.

Plus, I think I need to cut my render times short since I have the relay on Saturday.



Saturday, March 18th, 2006

My head hurts.

My fingers hurt.

My body hurts.

I’m at a point right now that if I weren’t taking the class, everything would be hunky-dory. I’d be asleep at normal hours and I’d be smiling happily at the thought of the nice groove that I’m in.

But I’m not. I’m practically killing myself for this class, which is slapped on top of my work.

Heaven forbid I try to squeeze a life in there too.

But I brought it upon myself and I know that it’ll pay off in the future, provided I last that long.

But damn, do I hurt.

Fine Grade Mush

Thursday, March 16th, 2006

Man, what a waste of time. I opted to go home to work on my 3D stuff and when I got home at 1 in the morning, I ended up spending two hours in front of the computer doing nothing.

My mind has been reduced to a fine grade mush, incapable of coherent thought or useful work.

I’m under a little time pressure, aggravated by a lack of sleep and an excess of work.

Add to the fact that this weekend is getting more and more busy by the second and I’m ready to scream.

Just like old times.

Wednesday, March 1st, 2006

Oh, the joys of staying up until 3 in the morning, working on homework at a feverish pace in order to get it in by the next day.

Nothing quite like it…when you’re a teenager. Nowadays, I don’t procrastinate that much anymore, knowing how little time I have and how much additional time these homework assignments take these days. It’s a bear.

I’m beat.

I’m running myself ragged to get my stuff done for class, get visual aids made for Francis’ class, get ready for my trip to Taiwan (emotionally and physically), and get my 9 to 5 (which runs closer to 10 to 7) work done. Fortunately, my assistant is extremely competent and works at blazing speed, I got a new backpack for my trip to Taiwan since my previous backpack was on its last leg (see previous post), and I have Maya running on this little laptop of mine, thus making my downtime more productive.

So now I just need to make some visual aids. Oy.

And I do have a few things I need to finish up with Taiwan, namely, get a refill on my prescription, which will run out in a few days (oh, the timing is impeccable).

But on the flipside, I’ll probably get a chance to meet up with Shu-Mei again, which makes me happy because she’s fun to be around.

But right now, I’m really tired.


Wednesday, February 15th, 2006

Bleh, I overworked myself last week and now I’m paying the price for it. I felt the tickle in my throat Monday night (10 days ago) and tried to fight it off using Airborne and assorted vitamins. But I didn’t get enough sleep on the subsequent nights, and now I have a headache, my throat is itchy and I have a cough. Damnitall. I can’t really afford to get sick. Actually, no one I know can ever really afford to get sick. It’s like we say in First Person Shooters, “it’s never reload time.”

Classes are going okay, but it’s starting to ramp up. This week is NURBS modeling.

I’m actually really happy that this class isn’t the conventional class with the damn solar system assignment. Seriously, if you’ve done a moon orbiting a planet once, you’ve done it a million goddamn times. Functionally, it explains hierarchy very well, but it’s very boring. Work has calmed down a little, which is good and having Mimsy around to help is great too. Maybe one of these days, I’ll actually leave work at a normal time.

And I’m loving this laptop. Just need to get a little three button mouse to go with it, some more RAM, and maybe a USB thumbdrive.

Valentine’s Day

Tuesday, February 14th, 2006

Happy Valentine’s Day…I think. You see, I’ve been single for a while now and what happens to romantics after a while, after they’ve ripened and rotted, is that they become ridiculously cynical and bitter. Now, I wouldn’t say that I’m bitter, but my coworkers are about to set up a chart to keep track of my bitterness, work related and home related.

They’re formulating that now that I have an assistant at work, my work bitterness will go down. However, they have no control of my home bitterness, so while my aggregate bitterness will go down, my bitterness due to home and personal life will be a larger percentage of my bitterness.

However, I am now blogging from bed, courtesy of a test drive of Tamiko’s Sony Vaio. This thing is a sweet little machine. I installed Maya Personal Learning Edition on it this evening and it ran it like a champ. It did start to slow down a little when I had like 30 objects on the screen, comprised of polygons, nurbs primatives, and subdivision surfaces, but even then, it was only when I was swapping between F and A for the view modes. The camera seems smooth and the rendering seems comparable to a desktop. I’m sure if I throw in a ton of lights and more stuff to render, it’ll take longer, but then again, even if I just use this as a secondary machine in a render farm, it’ll help.

Other news, I got an A for my last assignment. I’ll put up a pic of it when I get around to my other machine. Taking the character and the object from the last assignment, I needed to storyboard a scenario. I ended up drawing close to 30 frames for reference for a sequence that will probably run a little on the long side. But if I pull it off, it’ll be pretty sweet.

This week, I need to start modeling the character and object using nurbs.

Ah, but yes, this is Valentine’s Day. And I’m protesting it with Anti-Valentine’s Day gifts. No jewelry, no candy, no flowers. These are functional gifts for single people. Lubricant, tissues, ‘personal’ massagers.

But here’s a dirty little secret. Find the right person, and I’ll be all romantic again. Shhhh…

Chair Back

Sunday, February 5th, 2006

Chair Back

Originally uploaded by FngKestrel.

So this is one of the sketches I did for my class. I think it’s pretty good. Instructor says it’s too simple.

I’m taking this class for personal enrichment, and I wasn’t really expecting a mediocre grade on the assignment. I can’t believe how much this is bothering me.

Actually, no, I can. I’m a freaking perfectionist and this is driving me buggy.