Tenancy Agreement Appendix

The parties agree on the following terms of the rental agreement: 7. Deposit: A deposit in the amount of _____,, which represents a monthly rent, is required and is kept in trust by the landlord until the termination of the lease. The deposit should not be considered as rent for the last month of rental. The deposit is fully refunded, with interest less a right of stay of 1% within thirty (30) days of the end of this lease, less any damage damage beyond regular wear and tear and minus any cleaning costs. 8. Cleaning fee: The tenant is supposed to leave the apartment at the end of the lease and put all unwanted items in crates and be removed from the apartment and ready to pick up garbage on the sidewalk. If the tenant does not leave the apartment in good condition, the following cleaning fee may be charged on the deposit: Zone: $25.00; Refrigerator: $25.00; Kitchen (including cabinets), bathroom (including all fittings and tiles) and all other rooms: $15.00 each. 1. Location of the apartment: ________________No________________ _____ 6. Maintenance of the accommodation: The tenant undertakes to: pay only the damage suffered by the accommodation during his mandate. The tenant may inform the landlord in writing, within ten (10) days of moving in, of damaged, broken or soiled items. The tenant is not responsible for damage, breakage or debris that occurred before the arrival of the tenant. Broken glass is replaced by the tenant.

The tenant undertakes not to repaint or modify the apartment without discussing his plans with the owner.

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