Charter Bus Agreement

Leasing equipment & Breakdowns – B&W Charter reserves the right to rent equipment to other companies to comply with this agreement. In case of mechanical failures, this equipment may be the same or so close to that which is available on that date. In the event of mechanical failures for which we cannot assume any responsibility or liability. B&W Charters cannot guarantee the allocation of drivers or vehicles requested. You agree that Gogo Charters requires, at its discretion, all total payments of $5,000 usd by check or wire transfer. Refusal to pay by cheque or electronic transfer does not remove this contract and does not exempt you from cancellation fees in accordance with section 2. (a) Warranties. You understand and agree that payment will be paid to Gogo Charters LLC for all charter services booked through Gogo Charters and is collected by Gogo Charters LLC.

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