Blanket Purchase Agreement Maximum Value

Mod No – By default, `0` for a basic contract. Enter a unique value if you are reporting a change to a basic contract. The change number must begin with an (A) or (P). The length must be six characters. Enter code A, “Consolidated Requirements,” if the requirements meet the definition of “consolidation” or “consolidated requirements” for FAR 2.101, but no written decision has been made, 1) because 1) the estimated value of the requirements was less than or less than $2 million OR 2) the requirements are consolidated and a written definition of pooling is required. Enter code B “Consolidated Requirements with Written Disposition” if the requirements meet the definition of “consolidation” or “consolidated requirements” for FAR 2.101 and a written provision is established in accordance with Far 7.107-2. Enter code C, “Consolidated requirements under FAR 7.107-1(b) exception,” if the requirements meet the definition of “consolidation” or “consolidated requirement” for FAR 2.101, but do not require a written provision in accordance with far 7.107-1(b) exception. Enter code D “Unbound” if the requirements do not match the definition of “consolidation” or “consolidated requirements” for FAR 2.101. (ii) EPS remains the best value (see 8,404 (d)); and FAR 17.5, Interagency Acquisition, requires agencies to prepare a provision of the best contracting approach when using another agency`s contract. This requirement applies to schedule commands whose value exceeds $550,000 usd and includes commands against Schedule BPAs. The above values can only be selected if the “signing date” of the share is set for 2 February 2017 or before. Starting with the new values, the thresholds are obsolete. A consolidated contract is required for both the DoD and civilian agencies.

Domestic or foreign entity – This field indicates a supplier entity. Select one of the three U.S.-related entries or one of the two foreign entries to indicate whether the seller is a domestic or foreign company. For a Part 8 BPA, the value is passed from the Federal Supply Schedule referrer. Product or Service Code – Select the code that best identifies the product or service provided. If more than one code applies, indicate the code that represents most of the final contract value. Purchases that use a government-wide commercial acquisition card as both a purchase and payment mechanism, instead of using the acquisition card only as a method of payment. (2) In addition to the price (see 8.404 (d) and 8.405-4), the order activity may take into account, inter alia, micro-purchases that do not use the electronic transfer method (EFT) for payment and do not have to be declared (see subsection 4.6). To earn a BPA, you need to earn a first-hand GSA Schedule contract. Your business needs to be financially stable, you need to present a perfect past performance report, and your proposition needs to offer the best value compared to other competitors. In other words, an ideal BPA provider is a reliable GSA provider with a proven and clean balance sheet. One of the most important factors is of course the price.

Your price proposal must be fair, competitive and, as a rule, the weakest among other contractors. (ii) orders that exceed the micro-purchase threshold but do not exceed the simplified acquisition threshold. .

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