Bc Averaging Agreements

It works well when a sufficiently large group of employees share the same work model, but perhaps not so well if all employees work the same cycle of work and leisure days, but employees start these cycles on different days, that is, some employees start an average cycle of 4 weeks on Monday, a few more on Tuesday, a few more on Wednesday and so on. The problem is that each start day of a four-week cycle must be defined in a separate funding agreement. For example, if another group of employees started the cycle during each of those 28 days in a 4-week cycle, at least 28 separate funding agreements would be required, each with its own individual work plan. Overtime rates, financing agreements and temporary banks are subject to the requirements of the British Columbia Employment Standards Act. Example: A manager is excluded from Part 4 of the Act, in accordance with the Employment Standards Act s.32 (1). A “manager” and his employer cannot enter into an average agreement under point 37, since managers are totally excluded from Part 4 of the law. (b) have worked under a funding agreement in accordance with Section 37 at any time during that thirty-day calendar day period. However, overtime provisions are not appropriate for work plans that are inconsistent or that present accidental overtime incidents. . .


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