Share Capital Agreement Sample

PandaTip: This can be a common topic for shareholder disputes, everyone thinks the other doesn`t work hard enough, always overpaid, etc. The use of detailed employment contracts or the placement of these conditions here can help defuse future disputes. reimbursement of the purchase price of the company`s shares actually paid by each shareholder; and finally, when assets remain; 4.1 In the event that each member of a group of shareholders holding the majority of the common shares responds to a sales communication relating to the same external offer and where the offer is notified to the bidder after the article 3 offer: One or more of the bidders decide that they or she wish to sell their shares abroad under the same conditions as in the external offer , the group is not allowed to sell, transfer or otherwise sell the proposed shares, unless the outsider acquires at the same time and on the same terms all the shares of the bidders who wish to sell their shares. The agreement of a shareholder – or shareholders` pact – is an agreement or contract outlining how the company should be managed. Shareholder rights and obligations are also mentioned. You can use the free Contractbook presentation to manage the entire lifecycle of the contract. 4.2. Business Secrets. Each shareholder recognizes that the company`s client lists, trade secrets, processes, methods and technical information, and any other issues designated by the Chairman or with the written consent of all shareholders are valuable assets. Unless it seeks the written consent of each of the other shareholders, any shareholder undertakes never to disclose to a person or organization, except in connection with the company`s business activities, a list of customers or a name on that list or a trade secret, process or other matter covered by this paragraph. , while the shareholder owns or controls the shares of the company or at a later date.

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