Sap Scheduling Agreement Planned Delivery Time

I can`t find the delivery time set out in the delivery plan. Can you help me, where is this field in SA? Your suppliers need shorter delivery times. Smaller deliveries are required and can be spread over a long period of time. Delivery planning allows suppliers to plan and allocate their resources more efficiently. The problem is that the agenda items generated by the provision (for external purchases) do not take into account the “expected delivery time.” The system only takes G.R. processing time in The Duration. Delivery of the total quantity of materials indicated in a delivery plan item is distributed, over a given period, in a delivery plan consisting of lines indicating individual quantities, with expected delivery dates. So why is delivery established with the GI date as the date of receipt of the goods and not with the delivery date? I know I can change it manually, but why did he create it like this? Thank you a) Expected delivery time – 1 day. B) G . A Processing time – 3 days.

Second, there are two ways to use the list of sources. (1) Enter the credit pointer you want to use in the Creditor column (2) Establishing a contract/schedule agreement and enter the document. Not in Agmt`s column. Click on the “External Supply” tab and check if you`ve met a scheduled delivery deadline? Tick-Indication “Scheduling Info Record/Agreement” (it takes time provided in the calendar info rec or agreement indicated) With limited information, I guess the expected departure date of goods is based on delivery based on an availability review that has established that based on demand and inventory and entries, this is the earliest the material is projected to be available. Then, when on May 12 in the 0100 factory, I am a delivery for demand, I see in the delivery (VL02N) has the “planned gisage date” on May 22, and in MD04, I see the delivery, and it will be posted on May 22. In MD04 for the reception installation, 0200, it always displays the reception date as May 22, which is correct. Under the correct plan, the delivery time should come from the information set, as the same equipment can be purchased by different suppliers. What is your requirement, how do you propose system?looksUnd I make the current layout, but the system is taken into account the expected delivery time. I have a material that is the material produced in-house for Factory X and Y Plant needs this material for the subsequent manufacture of a finished product.

The Y plant has the STO schedule of Factory X. After the provision is completed, the delivery date required in Factory X for the equipment is identical to Factory Y.

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