Sample Counseling Confidentiality Agreement

Here in California, there is something called “Duty to Alert.” In fact, it provides access to consultants/therapists to warn the third party who is potentially at risk. This was recovered because of a case some time ago. A man seeking advice had told his counselor that he was going to kill this girl when she came home from a vacation in town. It never worked, the girl or the family was never warned. When she returned from her trip, he killed her. Most therapists like to address any privacy issues before starting therapy. You can find a licensed therapist here. There are many cases where an agreement between a therapist and a client has information about confidentiality. At the end of this page, a model of confidentiality agreements is provided. The form, normally considered an informed consent form, may contain far more information than confidentiality alone. I have a strange request. I understand the confidentiality between an advisor and a client, however, if the client is asked by his or her relatives to provide evidence and information about advice meetings, is it a breach of confidentiality if he/she does not want to give this information to relatives? Children`s confidentiality is a hot topic. Minors are not considered sufficiently developed to accept treatment, so parents are expected to consent on their behalf.

Thus, minors do not have the strict privacy rights that most adults have. Yes, it is a break. If the advisor does not agree to disclose this information, he or she is required not to confirm that the client is participating in a consultation. Although parents do not agree with confidentiality, therapists generally do not provide details of their discussions in therapy. Instead, they will provide information on overall treatment goals and progress. For example, a therapist may report that a child is afraid and is being treated with cognitive behavioural therapy. However, they do not need to report that the child is stressed when it comes to low grades. When my child is the patient and, as a mother, I have a meeting with the therapist about her treatment and I discuss things related to the school, and the therapist, in turn, will tell the teacher what has been said.

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