MINI, Pepsi, Mr. Chau’s, and Star 101.3

So, a few people know that I’ve been in the market looking for a new car.  My Camry’s starting to show its age, and I’m really hoping to get a car that’s a bit more sporty.  After some deliberation, my heart was set on a MINI, but a few extenuating circumstances came into view.

Now, I like Pepsi, but I avoid Mr. Chau’s (and most Amercanized Chinese Fast Food in general).

But I was listening to 101.3 on the way home this evening, and they announced a contest to win a new sports car, sponsored by Pepsi and Mr. Chau’s.  My mind said MINI, but I snorted and figured it was going to be some American car.

You know where this story is going.

Anyhow, they said MINI, I went to the website to go register, despite my despise.

I’m such a consumer whore.

And how.

2 Responses to “MINI, Pepsi, Mr. Chau’s, and Star 101.3”

  1. sililoquey Says:

    I think you would look good in a MINI.
    Cooper S = 6-speed with supercharger!

  2. Jessica Says:

    Nice Hertzfeld ref. 😉

    I still need to buy the damned DVD so I can make Scott watch it.

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