In case you’re looking for it…

February 7th, 2008

I moved my comics to its own subdomain. Look to for prettier(?) pictures.


February 5th, 2008

February 5th, 2008

I’m not sure if I’m ready to give this whole blogging thing a try again, seeing as how it’s at direct odds with my life. But I did figure that I was ready to start that webcomic I wanted to put together. Partly for entertainment, partly to keep my pencil sharp. Updated whenever I feel like it. Artistically haphazard, I’m sure it’ll evolve as time goes on. Will there be a story? Probably not. My attention span is too short to put together a story arc. More like one shots, like The Far Side, or god forbid, Family Circus.

PS. If you can’t figure out what the drawing is, either I suck (more so than usual) or you aren’t my target demographic.

I have no mouth and I must scream.

April 19th, 2007

The prodigal returns!

January 30th, 2007

Okay, I’ve been away awhile. Bad geek. The truth is, I’ve been doing so much that I haven’t had time to blog about it. I suppose it’s time to take up moblogging.

After my birthday last year, I participated in a climb-a-thon,

Belay, belay, belay

hung out with relatives,


and had a grand time gaming with my friends.

I went to my company’s holiday party,


went to Jasmine’s skating party,


and hung out with the Rast’s for a New Year’s Party.


I watched Tamiko pour drinks,


and pour paint.


I played in a poker invitational at work,

Rodney thinks...

I just went to another friend’s 40th birthday party (pictures forthcoming), and I still need to dump a bunch of pics off my camera, that document my travels.

I can’t wait for that 3 megapixel cameraphone with the zeiss lens. Soon, I’ll just upload everything to Flickr, as it happens. 😀

And that was just a month. I can’t wait to see what the rest of the year brings…

Drunkeness documented.

November 20th, 2006

Pics are up!

Many people came:


I got a notion to get a different colored drink at each place.


Jess gave me the finger:

Jess gives me the finger.

I think I inflicted bodily harm on multiple people: 😀


But I’m sure I received plenty of harm from others:


Thanks for the memories guys, as faded as I might have been when they were created.  🙂


November 19th, 2006

It’s me birthday!

Thanks to those who came to drink with me and thanks to the well-wishers from all over.  My stomach’s a little rumbly, but that’s par for the course.

I look forward to some serious sleepytime.

Pictures will be up as soon as sobriety and sleep have had their due.

Because Jess did it.

November 11th, 2006

You are a

Social Liberal
(75% permissive)

and an…

Economic Liberal
(33% permissive)

You are best described as a:

Link: The Politics Test on Ok Cupid
Also: The OkCupid Dating Persona Test

I is smart.

November 7th, 2006
You paid attention during 86% of high school!

85-100% You must be an autodidact, because American high schools don’t get scores that high! Good show, old chap!

Do you deserve your high school diploma?
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Halloween at work.

October 31st, 2006

So we had our Halloween party at work today, with a generous prize for the winning costume. I had a brainstorm a few days back, while I was bemoaning that I wasn’t feeling the holiday spirit, to dress up as an aboriginal headhunter. This was partly motivated by watching the Mythbusters episode where Jamie gets covered in gold latex paint from head to toe, to simulate the scene from Goldfinger. The other part of the motivation is the fact that I’ve lost some weight and gotten some definition from doing a lot of rock climbing, and my vanity (favorite sin) told me I should strip down for work.

So I went on a warpath yesterday, looking for supplies to be a aboriginal headhunter. Spear, necklace of skulls, body paint, loincloth, all that good stuff. I managed to find the paint, but the spear and necklace eluded me. I ended up buying like 6 tubes of brown paint, one tube of white, and one tube of black from the Spirit superstore in the area. Couldn’t find a spear, but did find a really cool staff with a skull on it that I probably would have bought anyways. 🙂
Got the loincloth from nabbing a towel we had at home that had spots on it. Used a belt with it to ensure that my manliness would be covered.

Painted myself from head to toe with brown paint. Only used about 2 tubes of the stuff, and used the white to make a skull and make some patterns. The black was accenting on my face. Jacob got my back, literally. Thanks Jacob!
At the last minute, Tony suggested I get a Coke bottle for a “The Gods Must Be Crazy” reference. He ran down to the Marina Market and got one for me. Thanks Tony!

Only took a few pics with my camera at the end, but will be yoinking some pics from Jacob who was using his far superior camera.

Pics follow:

Jen as a Playboy Bunny. (Almost made me run into a railing.) 😉


Kathy as a go-go dancer.

Go Go

Mimsy as a fox spirit.

Fox Spirit

I won!


Nice little gift cert coming at just the right time. 🙂  Thanks to everyone who helped and supported my crazy desire to get nekkid.